A cornfield with a primitive barbwire gate

Los Cascabeles is a finca – a rural property – in the countryside near south of the city of Le├│n in Nicaragua, Central America.┬á It is a part of a small mountain range with an elevation of at most┬á250┬ámeters above sea level and shares its dry tropical climate with the region of Le├│n.

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  • Fire report: 20180311 - Fire out! Our rangers and four young man from the neighborhood worked from early in the morning until one o’clock in the afternoon to finally put an end to the burning. We had good luck, because winds have weakened today. The whole family went to Los Cascabeles at nine in the morning and we took […]
  • Fire report: 20180310 - This is the fourth day we are fighting against the fire at Los Cascabeles. Yesterday things have calmed down a little bit, our rangers hired four boys from the neighborhood to make a sweep over the whole area in order to find the pockets of ember and eradicate them. They managed to close down all […]
  • Fire report 20180308 - Pauls’ eyes were shining with happiness when I explained to him, that he would spend the whole afternoon with me at the University. A long time he has wanted to go with his dad to work.┬á It was the perfect afternoon for him. Later we had dinner together and finally I also bedded him. “Where […]
  • Fire report: 20180307 - Today at 6:30 pm in the afternoon we got the message, that a fire was laid at the south-western corner of Los Cascabeles, where access is very difficult. Since it is already dark night reconnaissance is difficult, we will have to buy two pairs of good head lights for the rangers. At about 9 pm […]
  • Some Views of the Finca - On yesterdays round tour our range took some pictures. Some of them show the progress of the fire barrier. This post is just to upload the photos to the Internet. We also got two additional photos from Sunday. They show two place on the road to the Finca.