Today at 6:30 pm in the afternoon we got the message, that a fire was laid at the south-western corner of Los Cascabeles, where access is very difficult.

Since it is already dark night reconnaissance is difficult, we will have to buy two pairs of good head lights for the rangers.

At about 9 pm we got good news. The wind direction was favorable so the fire could not spread much and the two man managed to put it out, albeit they had minimal means: one backpack full of water and a pair of shovels.

The half finished fire barrier has already paid itself of, the fire could not spread across it.

Most likely the fire was laid by pouchers in an act of vandalism just before they left the property after “work”. The burnt areas are in the section with a high garrobo (iguana) population and has been burnt down year after year.

The rangers report, that all surrounding properties are either already burned down or are still burning at this moment.

Sorry, no pictures today, we will try to document the situation in the next days.